Saturday, 11 August 2012

Just a Crazy American Pastel Summer


Ok so I have written this story and it isn't very good. But I wanted to put it up anyway. Hopefully it will fulfill your crazy and randomly awesome needs!!! I got inspired by some pictures I got off instagram and pintrest. Here they are........

So my story is kind of a, ummm, snap shot liney piece of storyness ness ness nessssssss. Well here we go.........

She pressed her face up against the chilled glass. Frosting it with her heavy breath, longing for the day of sunlight. 

Pastel colours and tacky sun glasses.

Bracelets made of plastic beads found in an old toy or jewllery box.

Pink dome cars with four exhaust pipes roaming the streets of coloured concrete.

Record stores jamming with their 1950's tunes.

The nerd at the comic book store putting his limited edition of batman from 1940 in alphabetical order.

Cottage like houses that are orange and pink with green and white striped curtains which have frills on the ends sitting and watching the grass grow on the nature strips.

Rusty doors squeaking as the male of the house rushes out checking his watch to make sure he is not late for work. Or kids sneaking out to play down the street.

Sunlight dancing around the roof tops, teasing its shadow.

Nothing is proving a point. Nothing is trying to show off, prove themselves or try to be bigger than they are.

Setting up cubby houses next to the air con but the sheets leak the cold air out through their fibres.

Bunches of girls running around in fields of daises laughing with their dream catcher necklaces flower wrethes and pastel coloured dresses getting muddy.

Climbing trees till you are high enough to be able to look over the whole town and pretend your top of the world.

Bright coloured icy poles melting and dripping onto your now very sticky fingers.

Staying up late at night reading the comic book you bought with your pocket money the day before for the seventh time.

Snapping out of her day dream, she took her face away from the icy glass. Raindrops attacked her while the sun hid. Hid from the greyness. She sat back down dreaming about her crazy american pastel summer.
* * *

I hoped you enjoyed that and even though it's short kinda, it's powerful! Not really I just wanted to say that...

Here is the out fit of the day. I am really chilled so it isn't very exciting but its something.

I am also obsessed with this thing called indigo mag. It's not as cool as Frankie and no where near as skilled as rookie but it is kinda cool. But as a devoted Rookie follower I have to go to the rookie magazine now to read its pages of awesomeness, cool skilled , randomly addictive, inspirational pages of the words that carry the secrets to rookie and make up the official rookie magazine.

So I will talk to you soon even though no one will be reading this but oh well.

-charli xox

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bandidos married George Formby


Last night was my granddad's eightieth birthday party as I mentioned earlier. It was full of awesomeness and cool sick lad things. My cousins and I drew some awesome fully wicked sick bro tattoos on our arms with a permanent marker. But when I wrote mum on my arm my nana wanted me to tattoo her name on my arm too, then my aunty did so I ended up with the whole family tattooed on my arm.

Tell me I'm pretty!


There weren't enough fingers for god father so we improvised. 

We attempted to do some Bandidos tattoos but that didn't turn out how we expected......

It was lots of fun but unfortunately who ever invented the permanent marker did a pretty good job because it s kinda not really coming off that easily............oh well.

Because when I went to bed that night, I wanted to get away from all the noise so I slept up in my Nana's room on the window sill. I felt so cool and vintage!!!!! I will take a photo and post it next time I go.

I also had ANOTHER weird dream full of randomness for the audiences entertainment!!! I don't know what it is with me and dreams but I practically have another life when i'm asleep. I dream like a million times every night about anything!!! This time it was about this guy called George Formby. He was born in 1904 and mum reckons he is the second ugliest guy who ever walked the planet.

Good old George was an actor and a musician. Weird person to dream about! I think he is kinda cool in the creepiest way possible!!!!! I bet he attracts the ladies!!!

Have you ever had any weird dreams about guys with big noses and the worst comb over in history?

- Charli xox

P.s. Watch!!!! I find it funny that he is possibly the ugliest least attractive guy who roamed the earth but he writes a song questioning why women don't like him. Thats the name of the song by the way.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Eat ya Mumma


Ok, so your probably wondering, what on earth is the title about. I could tell you the long story or short story but seeming as I have no idea if you want the long or short version, I'm just gonna spit it out. I had this weird dream where this creepy lady grabbed my shoulders and her face kinda turned inside out and she grunted, "Eat ya mumma!". I woke up and was actually pretty scared. It was scary!!! So don't even think about calling me a wimp!!

I have been taken away to the land of mystery and excitement. Not knowing whats around the corner. Living a life of expectations. Strigoi hunting my best friend down. (strigoi=evil vampires) Or in other words my latest obsession is this book series called Vampire Academy. I know for many of you, including myself, Twilight has ruined it for you but please oh please listen. It's really good! I am soooooooooooo obsessed and can't stop!!!!! At least try it........please. I have just finished the second book and it only took me about 5 days because I couldn't put it down!

As my friend thinks i'm really weird because my life dream is to get a kombi and have a pet llama called Harold. I found these photos and you can't tell me they aren't made of awesomeness. Here they are

how awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Arrrrrrrrr so squishy!!!???!!

It is going to be my Grandad's 80th birthday on Saturday. I lov him so much and can't wait! But my nana might go crazy as she will most likely have one too many drinks. She's not an alcaholic or anything. Just crazy. Alcohol + Nana = crazy old hag!!!! Nah just joking. I luv her. But last time she had one too many drinks, she tried to do the sprinkeler and she ended up falling on  the dance floor infront of the family of her soon to be married niece. Nana! But as I said, I love my nana because she is an awesome tree hugger who wants everyone to be free.

I am making these bags and selling them for a school project called........wait for it........ Quest! It sounds so official and scary. But it's not too hard. Carla hates me saying the word quest over and over again. But I like saying it because I sound so special. I am giving all the money to the RSPCA. Here is a pic...

Do you like it?
Any improvements I could make???

Don't get too excited but I went op-shopping. Yep thats right, "Oh my god Charli, you went op-shopping?""Yes, yes I did!" Well because of my wicked op-shopping skills I managed to grab these awesome bargains. . . . . .  
Go to your local Salvation Army store to score some awesome bargains like these. (now read that out loud and at the end to a really cheesy smile and give me the thumbs up!)

You can't tell me they aren't cool! I also got a tie and this necklace but I really can't be bothered to get up and take a picture of them. SORRY!!!!!!!

Well ill see ya soon,
- Charli xox