Friday, 3 August 2012

Eat ya Mumma


Ok, so your probably wondering, what on earth is the title about. I could tell you the long story or short story but seeming as I have no idea if you want the long or short version, I'm just gonna spit it out. I had this weird dream where this creepy lady grabbed my shoulders and her face kinda turned inside out and she grunted, "Eat ya mumma!". I woke up and was actually pretty scared. It was scary!!! So don't even think about calling me a wimp!!

I have been taken away to the land of mystery and excitement. Not knowing whats around the corner. Living a life of expectations. Strigoi hunting my best friend down. (strigoi=evil vampires) Or in other words my latest obsession is this book series called Vampire Academy. I know for many of you, including myself, Twilight has ruined it for you but please oh please listen. It's really good! I am soooooooooooo obsessed and can't stop!!!!! At least try it........please. I have just finished the second book and it only took me about 5 days because I couldn't put it down!

As my friend thinks i'm really weird because my life dream is to get a kombi and have a pet llama called Harold. I found these photos and you can't tell me they aren't made of awesomeness. Here they are

how awesome!!!!!!!!!!!Arrrrrrrrr so squishy!!!???!!

It is going to be my Grandad's 80th birthday on Saturday. I lov him so much and can't wait! But my nana might go crazy as she will most likely have one too many drinks. She's not an alcaholic or anything. Just crazy. Alcohol + Nana = crazy old hag!!!! Nah just joking. I luv her. But last time she had one too many drinks, she tried to do the sprinkeler and she ended up falling on  the dance floor infront of the family of her soon to be married niece. Nana! But as I said, I love my nana because she is an awesome tree hugger who wants everyone to be free.

I am making these bags and selling them for a school project called........wait for it........ Quest! It sounds so official and scary. But it's not too hard. Carla hates me saying the word quest over and over again. But I like saying it because I sound so special. I am giving all the money to the RSPCA. Here is a pic...

Do you like it?
Any improvements I could make???

Don't get too excited but I went op-shopping. Yep thats right, "Oh my god Charli, you went op-shopping?""Yes, yes I did!" Well because of my wicked op-shopping skills I managed to grab these awesome bargains. . . . . .  
Go to your local Salvation Army store to score some awesome bargains like these. (now read that out loud and at the end to a really cheesy smile and give me the thumbs up!)

You can't tell me they aren't cool! I also got a tie and this necklace but I really can't be bothered to get up and take a picture of them. SORRY!!!!!!!

Well ill see ya soon,
- Charli xox

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