Saturday, 4 August 2012

Bandidos married George Formby


Last night was my granddad's eightieth birthday party as I mentioned earlier. It was full of awesomeness and cool sick lad things. My cousins and I drew some awesome fully wicked sick bro tattoos on our arms with a permanent marker. But when I wrote mum on my arm my nana wanted me to tattoo her name on my arm too, then my aunty did so I ended up with the whole family tattooed on my arm.

Tell me I'm pretty!


There weren't enough fingers for god father so we improvised. 

We attempted to do some Bandidos tattoos but that didn't turn out how we expected......

It was lots of fun but unfortunately who ever invented the permanent marker did a pretty good job because it s kinda not really coming off that easily............oh well.

Because when I went to bed that night, I wanted to get away from all the noise so I slept up in my Nana's room on the window sill. I felt so cool and vintage!!!!! I will take a photo and post it next time I go.

I also had ANOTHER weird dream full of randomness for the audiences entertainment!!! I don't know what it is with me and dreams but I practically have another life when i'm asleep. I dream like a million times every night about anything!!! This time it was about this guy called George Formby. He was born in 1904 and mum reckons he is the second ugliest guy who ever walked the planet.

Good old George was an actor and a musician. Weird person to dream about! I think he is kinda cool in the creepiest way possible!!!!! I bet he attracts the ladies!!!

Have you ever had any weird dreams about guys with big noses and the worst comb over in history?

- Charli xox

P.s. Watch!!!! I find it funny that he is possibly the ugliest least attractive guy who roamed the earth but he writes a song questioning why women don't like him. Thats the name of the song by the way.


  1. Excellent tattoos:) ROCK HARD!!!! Wow that guy is gorgeous, what fantastic dreams you have!

  2. Thankyou for following, you are very funny in a good way) and cute tats <3


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